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2017 PowerBuilder Worldwide Survey

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1) Looking back, how many years has your company been using PowerBuilder?

2) Looking ahead, how long do you expect PowerBuilder to be used in your company?

3) In 2017, will you use PowerBuilder to:

4) Which features of your applications do you consider modernizing in the near future?

5) In 2017, how many developers will use PowerBuilder in your company?

6) PowerBuilder Version

Which PowerBuilder version do you use MOST FREQUENTLY in your development?
Which OTHER PowerBuilder version(s) do you use?

7) In 2017, do you plan to migrate to a later version of PowerBuilder?

8) Which RDBMS is your company using?

Does your application include stored procedures?

9) Architecture

What type of applications are you developing with PB?
In the future, what type of applications would you consider developing?
Which application servers do you use?

10) What other technologies are used in your company? (select all that apply)

11) As a developer how would you rate PowerBuilder? (0 being very bad to 10 being excellent)

12) Your comments are welcome!