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PB Ultimate Suite

20 PowerBuilder Controls

Modernize your PB Applications UI with PB Ultimate Suite controls and built-in styles

PowerBuilder Controls

Impact Analysis

Don't break your application when making a change in your code.

CRUD Matrix

Generate a CRUD matrix showing which programs access your data.

Display Call Trees

Explore chain of calls: callers and callees for Functions and events. All possible execution paths.

Application Structure

Understand the inner working of the application

Collaborative Features

Share analysis and work on the same project.
Integration with TFS

Source Code Documentation

Automatically generate documentation from your code; create reference manuals in HTML. 

Code Comparison

View differences in a container hierarchy and Drill down to find relevant changes.

Code Review

Review and improve your code to streamline maintenance efforts and avoid unexpected behavior.

Advanced string search

Visual Expert search options provide relevant results. No more tedious and unproductive results.
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