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Appeon Mobile Beta 2.0 Released!

Appeon Mobile Beta Program

Last week, Appeon released the second version of its beta, comprised of a number of new features to help take PowerBuilder applications mobile. See a number of the features included in Beta 2.0 below:


PowerBuilder related features:
EditMask control is supported.
Two system functions: Print and File, are supported.
Key events for EditMask, SingleLineEdit and MultiLineEdit are supported.
Print function for DataWindow control is supported.?
DragIcon property for all controls is supported.

Mobile API:
Manipulate the various features of Appeon WorkSpace, such as the AWS orientation, the title bar, the assistive touch bar, the log, the project information, the version number etc.
Camera - Captures or views a photo using the device's camera.
Connection - Obtains the network state and connection type.
Device - Obtains the device specific information, such as the device type, the device DPI/PPI, the OS version, the device's memory, the device's OS, the screen resolution, etc.
Media - Plays a media file using the device's media player.
Notification - Sends a notification to the notification bar.
Recorder - Records an audio using the device's recorder or opens the recorder library.

Interested in becoming a beta tester, or just want more information on the product? Find out more here.


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