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The the Application Profiling feature has been available to native PB applications for many releases - but, only when running the application from the PB IDE or when a developer remembered to code the TraceXxxx () commands in their application. The STD Integrated Framework's (version 2015.4.0.43 and higher) Dynamic Profiling feature though can be activated by the application user, developer, QA or Support specialist at anytime by selecting the keyboard CTRL+SHIFT+F2 keys in succession. The feature is also self contained and ready to use at a moments notice with no programming required by the developer what so ever!?

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Software Tool & Die has released an updated version of their PB Classic and Appeon Framework!?

Here's a run down of the major highlights:?

1) You can now activate the application Debug/Spy feature in Appeon Web or Appeon Mobile. This feature has been in the framework for quite some time - but, could only be activated via a CTRL+SHIFT+F1 - which of course, is impossible to do from the keyboard in the Web or Mobile devices. Now the Web or Mobile user can use this via the framework`s DEBUG feature and a new icon that will appear.

2) The framework now enables & encapsulates the ability for native applications to load & consume external JAVA Classes from within the PB Application! I have an example application already built and will be uploading this to SourceForge (SF) in the near future. This means that all applications built from the Integrated framework can now fully inter-operate with Java entities directly! Now the future bonus here will be to replicate this feature in the Web Service framework. That will then enable full Java inter-operation in the back end. Not only will that be a bonus for the Web Service developer but ... will then add the ability to consume Java classes in Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile applications as well via WS calls!

3) A new dynamic Application Profiler feature has been added that allows any native PB application to start a "performance trace" anytime when a CTRL+SHIFT+F2 is encountered. While the profiler is available to use from the PB IDE, this enhancement allows you to profile compiled .EXE's now as well. Since the feature is dynamic - even in production - where performance issues often surface versus the development environment, the Application Profiler can be activated to help track down performance issues.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015. 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 18H00 CET ( Paris)

Ryan Story will explore the process of developing, configuring, and deploying a legacy PowerBuilder app with Appeon Mobile that uses Mobilink/Ultralite technology to provide a consistent offline user experience. In addition, he will discuss other techniques to make applications match current mobile app design practices and provide the user a seamless experience.?

Presenter: Ryan Story?


Software Tool & Die Inc. are please to announce a new example application built from the free open source STD Integrated Foundation Classes that demonstrates dragging files from MS-Windows Explorer into any PowerBuilder application. The Foundation Classes provide an automatic interface to the MS-Windows operating system that enables the Drag Into feature by setting one Window class property!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015. 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 18H00 CET ( Paris)

This session shares the real-life experience of a US software vendor in their quest to develop attractive and user-friendly mobile apps in PowerBuilder for their 400+ customer sites. This is a technical-focused session that illustrates how you can break the traditional client/server mold and develop apps that your users will love. You will see how to lay out the UI properly, incorporate new gestures, display large amounts of data in limited space, add new mobile-specific controls, integrate maps, make phone calls, and much more.

Presenter: Armeen Mazda


Thursday, June 18, 2015. 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 18H00 CET ( Paris)

This session will outline the major capabilities of Appeon for PowerBuilder 2015 version, including demos of the biggest new features. You will see PowerBuilder functionality and UI faithfully replicated across multiple browsers. You will see PowerBuilder extended with mobile-specific functionality, such as QR code scanning, mobile payment, and signature capture. You will also learn what Appeon plans to release in Q4, and learn about technology currently under R&D at Appeon's labs that could make it to market in 2016 and beyond.

Presenter: Armeen Mazda


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