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All participants at the Charlotte PB Conference have access to free PowerBuilder companion tools with a value of $2,800!

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All the details below for Charlotte attendees:

Visual Expert 2015

Analyze your PowerBuilder and PL/SQL code!

Each participant to the Visual Expert workshop or at a Jump Start Session will get 1 fixed VE for PB and PL/SQL license valid until December 31, 2015.
This is a full version, with all code analysis and documentation features available.

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Appeon 2015

Deploy your PowerBuilder applications to the Web and to Mobile.

Each conference attendee that participates in an Appeon Workshop will receive a free developer license* of Appeon 2015 to use until end of this year. Appeon 2015 enables PB developers to rapidly deploy existing desktop applications to the Web and easily build new Mobile applications using existing PB skills. There is no need to wrestle with cumbersome Java, .NET, or Objective-C code. Appeon integrates seamlessly into the PB IDE, and it allows developers to utilize most PB constructs, including Controls and Objects, DataWindows, PowerScript, and PFC.

*The Appeon 2015 developer license is a full-featured license that can be used freely until December 31, 2015; support is not included with this free license.

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Reporting Studio

Easily Create and Deploy Reports to your PowerBuilder Applications.

Each participant to the Reporting Studio Workshop or to a Jump Start Session will get a license of Reporting Studio that includes the Repository Manager, the Report Maker, and the Report Viewer - allowing you to create reports standalone and embedded into your applications. Once deployed on your client/server applications, or after installation of the Report Viewer client side, the reports can be run anytime with fresh data included. Even after the validity period of the license, end-users will still have access to view the reports.

License is valid until December 31, 2015.
Support is not included with this license. Reports can be distributed to end users. You will need to upgrade to a Developer license to allow end-users to modify and create reports by themselves.

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Qing-hao Liang recently tested PB 12.6 compatibility with the Windows 10 Technical Preview. In his post on the SAP PowerBuilder Developer Centre, he first covers the installation process of Windows 10 Technical Preview and then tests it with PB 12.6 GA installer, PB.NET, and SQL Anywhere 16. He also explains the challenges he encounters.

It seems that the installation process is as smooth as on Windows 7 and that it's easy to get familiar with the environment. The PB Examples application shipped with PowerBuilder works perfectly, so do a PB.NET and a PB WPF application. Yet, after installation the second and deeper levels of PB are not visible when opening the Start Menu, which is worse than in Windows 8.?

Qing-hao Liang writes that the first experience is very encouraging and that the performance of Windows 10 Technical Preview is better than on Windows 7, especially for PB.NET IDE. While Windows 10 is still at an early stage, the future seems to be promising.

Don't forget to attend the exceptional PowerBuilderTV webcast with the participation of SAP and various PB community members tomorrow (Thursday, January 29, 2015) at 7:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 16h00 CET (Paris).

With over 600 persons already registered, don't miss this opportunity to listen to 6 presenters,?Dirk Boessmann, Matt Balent, Armeen Mazda,?Gian Luca De Bonis and?Christophe Dufurmantelle talk about the future of PB and its ecosystem.

If you haven't registered yet, you can do it here.

PowerGen V9.0

E. Crane Computing has just released a new version of PowerGen!

PowerGen is the essential tool to automate the building of PowerBuilder? applications. With PowerGen, you can control your builds with predictability and reliability.

What's new?

- Support for PowerBuilder V12.6 (Classic) - PowerGen V9.0 supports PowerBuilder V12.6, including 64-bit deployment.
- Binding Manifest Template to Executable In V9.0 any template can be bound to set to the installed template that provides New Visual Styles.
- Changes to the Gen File Format - The first line in the gen file that indicates the version of the gen file format is changed to indicate the new version: 13.

PowerGen Version 9.0 contains all the features in PowerGen Version 8.5.?Read more about PowerGen V9.0 on the E. Crane Computing website.

You can purchase PowerGen V9.0 here.

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