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2nd glance of NFC - Leveraging the technology in your Mobile apps
Read/write data from the NFC tag is available at the current version of?Appeon. Two methods can be used to implement such functionality.
One is read/write data in NDEF and the other is Read/write data in bytes from blocks.
We have released a sample code of method 1 in another post.
Today we are going to unveil a sample code for method 2:

The North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group has announced the Call for sessions for the upcoming Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference! Don't miss this chance to contribute to the PowerBuilder community and to show off your skills!

"Now is your chance to 'feed' the PowerBuilder Community by presenting a session at the conference. As a whole we can only get stronger by coming together and sharing ideas, know-how, and experiences. Showcase your achievements in front of your peers help us all grow through exposure to new thinking updated ideas."

Speakers get complimentary registration to the entire conference!

Get details on length and presentation style

Deadline to submit: December 1, 2014

Discover how the Airman system, embraced by many airports around North America and Australia, succeed to extend its offer toward mobile devices thanks to Appeon Mobile which allows to access the tablet or smartphone's low level device features like: camera, recorder, GPS, O/S, etc.

Greg Winfield of Volairus published the updated Airman application to the Amazon Cloud and then accessed this latest version on his 3/4G enabled iPad. He could then launch the Airman application from any location that had a wireless signal. This system will allow airports with no or little IT structure to have access to his application.

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The North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group along with Appeon and Novalys, have announced a 2015 edition of the Charlotte PowerBuilder conference. After a successful first edition in March 2014, this year's conference will be held from May 6-8 in Charlotte, N.C. This year's Charlotte Conference will bring all the latest news and info on PowerBuilder. Likely topics will be:

Learn how to quickly modernize and extend your PowerBuilder applications with Web, Mobile, and Cloud technologies with experts from Appeon Corporation.
See how to upgrade the look and feel of traditional PB apps with new GUI components and internationalization tools available from Novalys. Attend sessions on current GUI design and application development from industry veterans.
Workshops on topics such as stored procedure debugging, getting the most out of your source control system
How tos' of working with application frameworks are in the mix right now

Many more topics will be announced in 2015, as the Call for sessions has just opened!

Thursday, October 16, 2014. 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 18H00 CET (Paris)

Filiberto Sosa will talk about the NeuroTechnology Drivers used to integrate Fingerprint security in applications deployed to the web using Appeon, in order to monitor time and attendance as well as customer identification.?? Also, he will explain the different functions that are needed to Read and Write the fingerprints and also how to compare them to see if they match. The fingerprints are PNG files that also need to be stored in the Appeon Server; when doing a comparison, they will need to be downloaded to make the match. All of this will be explained in a one hour session.?

Presenter: Filiberto Sosa


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