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Wednesday, June 18, 2014 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 18H00 PM CET (Paris)

In this session we will walk through the process of creating a .net visual assembly in PowerBuilder.net and then using it from within a Visual Studio.net application.?
Then we will look at creating a visual control in Visual Studio.net and packaging it so that it can be used in a PowerBuilder Classic application.?

Presenter: Bruce Armstrong?


Keep SAP informed about what you want for PowerBuilder by filling out the 2014 edition of the PowerBuilder Survey. Let them know what's important to you, and what you would like to see changed.?Don't forget to put any new features you'd like to see in upcoming versions of PB in the comments section!

(Filling out the 2014 edition, gives you access to the 2013 results!)

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The previous versions of Windows up to XP were using the Active X control CAPICOM, that could be accessed with OLE Automation through PowerBuilder. From Windows XP versions, CAPICOM was replaced by the Smart Card SDK.??

Bruce Armstrong will show you how to communicate with this Smart Card SDK from PowerBuilder through different operations.

You will learn how to communicate with the card, validate the user's PIN, determine who the card says the user is and read the certificate Subject Name, or other certificate data.

Using code examples and clear explanations, Bruce will guide you through this tutorial to communicate successfully with a Smart Card.

SCN PB Developer Center

Bruce Armstrong blogged about his time in Atlanta for the ISUG-TECH 2014 Conference that covered various SAP products, including PowerBuilder. Apart from the unhealthy eating options, Bruce seemed to enjoy his experience at the conference and looks forward to next year's. Highlights of the conference included:

  • The opening Keynote session with a number of Senior SAP VPs discussing their commitment to SAP product evolutions
  • The plenary session covering PowerBuilder and hosted by Dave Fish
    • PB's Product Manager, Sue Dunnell, hopes to have a number of small per year releases instead of large gaps between major releases?
    • Dave hopes to bring back PB Code Jams with upcoming releases
    • Dave demoed other SAP products that incorporate PB
  • Jeff Gibson covered the new enhancements in PowerBuilder15

Read Bruce's full report on the ISUG-TECH conference

Software Tool & Die Inc has just released their updated (Service Pack #2)?Web Service STD Foundation Classes for IIs (STD FC IIs)! The updated Web Service IIs framework helps PowerBuilder Classic developers, develop .Net based Web Services deployed to IIs. The IIs based framework takes advantage of RAD techniques - employes an MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture for superior performance, flexibility and extendability.?

All the STD frameworks are free and can be downloaded from the STD Foundation Classes SourceForge project website.

The Web Service framework - while greatly improving the PB & Appeon developer's productivity - also includes a number of features to help with RAD based projects.

See the full list of features and updates on Chris Pollach's blog.

Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) is very pleased to announce that they have just released an updated version of their Integrated Foundation Class library today for PowerBuilder "Classic", Appeon Web and Appeon Mobile!?The latest version contains the following updates and has been tested with Appeon 2013R2 build 0110.00 using the official MR (maintenance ?releases) of PowerBuilder "Classic".?

The FC's are *free* and can be downloaded (along with an updated sample Order Entry application) from the SourceForge website!

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