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Code Security Scanning Tool | Visual Expert

Visual Expert (VE) 2020 now scans your PowerBuilder, Oracle and SQL Server code for security vulnerabilities that can create data breaches.

The developers can check their code against hundreds of rules to detect flaws or weaknesses, for instance:

  • Hard coded user id & passwords 
  • Hard coded IP addresses
  • Vulnerabilities to Injections attacks
  • Fields access/protection issues
  • Improper/unsecured use of encryption
  • and more...

PowerBuilder Code Security Scanning Process

Why Use Visual Expert for Code Security Scanning? 

  1. High-quality analysis
    In-depth analysis of your PowerBuilder code based on 20+ years of knowledge and expertise. 
  1. Early Correction
    Discover security vulnerabilities at an early stage to reduce the risks and the remediation costs at a later stage. 
  1. Rapid Remediation
    Immediately identify the code to be changed with powerful code review tools by Visual Expert.
  1. Continuous Integration
    Integrate Visual Expert’s robust static code analysis with Jenkins to enable continuous integration.


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