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Test Automation Support for PowerBuilder, PowerServer & PowerClient

AscentialTest provides manual and automated testing support for Appeon PowerBuilder, PowerClient, and PowerServer 2021. 

Why Use AscentialTest for PowerBuilder Apps’ Testing?

  • First Test Automation Tool to fully support PowerBuilder applications. 
  • Automatically recognizes all PB Objects and DataWindows. 
  • Easily creates robust & easy-to-maintain tests without programming. 
  • Supports all the latest features of PowerBuilder. 
  • Listed in Appeon PowerServer 2021 and PowerClient new features.  

PB developers can reuse the tests created for PB desktop apps for the web version created with PowerServer. Using the same tests, they can therefore verify that a PowerServer web application works exactly the same way as its desktop version. 

Learn more about the new features and enhancements released by AscentialTest for its latest version 9.7 with more release history.

How AscentialTest Automates Testing for CI/CD Workflow?

AscentialTest is built for Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Integration:

  • Builds tests faster using drag and drop. 
  • Meets change demands with minimal effort. 
  • Manages complexity with built-in test management. 
  • Increases productivity through collaboration. 

AscentialTest provides Continuous Integration features to Automate Testing for PB Apps:

  • Automated Testing with Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • Integration with Jira for Defect Tracking
  • Integration with Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration
  • Integration with Subversion for Version Control
  • Integration with GIT and TFS for Version Control - coming soon
  • Integration with Azure DevOps for Defect Tracking - coming soon

About AscentialTest

AscentialTest offers a unique combination of Object-based and Zero-coding Test Automation. The tests rely on application objects rather than on-screen recordings, which drastically reduces test maintenance. The innovative approach of AscentialTest addresses the recurring issues of automated and manual testing, by making tests as easy to maintain as they are to create. 

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Code Analysis

Explore & Understand complex code Evaluate the impact of a change. Improve PB and Database Code.

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Visual Guard

Application Security

Control Access to Sensitive Data.
Monitor Audit application Security.
Send notifications on suspicious events.

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AscentialTest Automated Software Testing

Automated Testing

The ONLY testing tool fully supporting
PowerBuilder Datawindows and Objects.

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