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Ultimate Suite 2022 | New PowerCharts for PB UI

USPB 2022 has been released with full support for PowerBuilder 2021 & upgraded PowerChart to modernize your PB apps UI.

What's New in Ultimate Suite 2022 for PB?

In addition to the full support of PB 2021, this release includes several graph improvements to quickly modernize the user interface of your PowerBuilder applications. 

Tooltips are now available for all types of graphs, titles and descriptions can be defined with computed field expressions, and DataWindow graphs are automatically converted to modern graphs without coding. 

How to Automatically Modernize Existing PowerBuilder DataWindow Graphs?   

With USPB 2022, you can instantly convert your Graph DWs into Modern Charts: 

  • Using existing DWs as data sources 
  • Generating a PB object with a new modern Graph 
  • Customizing the layout as per your need  

Automatically Convert Graph DW to Modern Charts

Convert Existing Graph DataWindows in 3 simple steps! 

  1. Open the Chart Painter 
  2. Select your Graph DataWindow  
  3. Customize the design if you wish  

Convert Graph DataWindows to Modern Charts


More Enhancements from Ultimate Suite 2022 

  • New features to improve the ‘Save’ function for PowerSnip. 
  • Provision to enable to disable items in the XPListBar.
  • Enable or disable Ribbon tabs in PowerMenu.


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About Ultimate Suite for PB

Ultimate Suite is a PowerBuilder Companion toolbox with 38 controls, 12 types of charts, and 41 themes to enrich your PB Apps UI with a modern look and feel.

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