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Improve development team collaboration with VE Client/Server

When you need to modify your applications, it is essential to know beforehand the impact of the modifications you want to make to the code but also to check that they do not generate bugs, security holes or even degrade the quality of the code once they have been made.

Using Visual Expert in a client/server configuration allows developers to perform systematic code analysis, regardless of the volume of code, thanks to the extensive resources available on a server.


What are the benefits of the C-S Visual Expert architecture?

  1. Analyze large volumes of code without affecting the workstations' performance.

  2. Facilitate teamwork by sharing analysis results and assigning permissions on the project.

  3. Automate tasks with CI/CD servers or the command line: Code analysis, code inspection, document generation...


How does the C/S Configuration in Visual Expert work?

1. Install Visual Expert on a Server and store the code analysis in a shared repository.

2. Automate tasks with CI/CD Servers or Command line: Run code scan, get code inspection reports, schedule documentation generation and so on.

3. Developers connect their VE Client to the repository to leverage an up to date code analysis and documentation. 


Visual Expert Client Server Configuration

Read the detailed guide on how to implement a Visual Expert Client/Server configuration for more information.

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