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Performance Tuning for PowerBuilder Code - Coming Soon

Visual Expert already analyzes the performance of Oracle and SQL Server database code. Code performance analysis will soon be extended to PowerBuilder code.

PowerBuilder includes a profiling solution, focusing on a single piece of code, whereas Visual Expert Performance Tuning for PowerBuilder goes further by providing an easy-to-use solution to identify bottlenecks across the entire application and multiple workstations.

Consolidated Trace

Visual Expert 2023 will allow you to collect and analyze representative performance data by aggregating statistics from multiple user sessions.


PowerBuilder Code Performance Tuning

Combined with the static analysis of PowerBuilder code, you will be able to identify bottlenecks quickly and easily.

After displaying the list of the slowest elements based on their execution time, for example the 20 slowest methods for windows, you will be able to generate a call graph that will allow you to easily find the code that needs to be optimized.

PowerBuilder performance analysis can be performed systematically as part of the code review.

You will also be able to easily trace back to the source of a slowdown identified by users in a multitude of calls and business processes.


This feature will be introduced as a preview during Elevate 2022.


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