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Migrate PowerBuilder

The Free Edition of PB Ultimate Suite is now available!

Give a Modern Look to your PowerBuilder application with FREE Controls and Themes!

This version includes:

  • Toolbar Strip
  • Toggle Button
  • Button Listbar
  • Gradient Header
  • Groupbox
  • Calculator
  • Custom Static Text
  • Command Button
  • Blue, Silver, Olive, Classic, and Black Themes

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NEW in PB Ultimate Suite 9.0

New Messagebox Windows 10 Style

This control offers a new way to display messages to users. It replaces the traditional PowerBuilder MessageBox function, offering a much more modern look and feel.

Windows 10 Style Messagebox

New Command Button

Ever wish you can give your buttons an icon and a bit more color?

With the PB Ultimate Suite now you can. This control offers 5 styles, and 5 themes. That’s 25 different ways to display your buttons.

64-bit Support

Visual Expert for SQL Server GA

Visual Expert 2018 officially supports SQL Server

You will find all the existing features of PowerBuilder and Oracle parsers.

  • Explore SQL Server Schemas and Transact SQL Code
  • Perform Impact Analyses and check Cross-references
  • Generate a CRUD matrix to find the code using your SQL Server data, and how.
  • Automatically create an HTML Source Code documentation
  • Code Review
  • etc.

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Back in 2003, Sybase introduced CodeXchange, an online forum that allowed developers to share code samples and collaborate on open source projects.  Unfortunately, in 2009 Sybase decided to shut down that system. [...]

Fortunately, there is an alternative.  A bit of searching turned up a the Git MSSCCI provider from PB Software.  It not only works, but it's free.  It's also being actively supported.  There have been releases in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

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