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Sofrepost, a subsidiary of La Poste (the French mail), develops and sells SPS, a management system for post offices. Our clients are national postal systems from a dozen countries on several continents.

SPS is composed of five packaged applications developed with PowerBuilder that represent around 150 Mo of code, 400 windows and 1200 DW.

The initial development of our application took place in 1996 and required approximately 10 man years. The application has since been regularly modified to extend its functionalities.


A certain Western European country has built their tax collection system using PowerBuilder.

  • 60 PB applications
  • 3 GBs of PBLs
  • 60 000 users

They migrated to the web using Appeon, with over 30 000 concurrent users! Their application goes live October 2013.


A major European Airline has developed an application for the iPad. It is currently being used by Managers to access high level reporting.

This application is based on PowerBuilder, Oracle and Appeon Mobile.

The expected delivery date is summer of 2013.

More details to follow pending company policy discussions!

An international chemical group that distributes a wide range of consumer products worldwide, predominately cosmetics, is using PowerBuilder and Oracle for over 10 projects.Their applications are used by top managers worldwide.

In 2013, they purchased several PowerBuilder licenses to begin new projects.

Their next step, is Appeon to take their application to the Web and Mobile. More details to follow upon company policy confirmation...

Setting Pace for Application Development Productivity

As programming languages and applications architectures have come and gone, we are hard-pressed to find an environment as productive to develop in as PowerBuilder," wrote Al Hilwa, Program Director for Applications Development Software, IDC. "What's more, PowerBuilder has evolved aggressively as these shifts have taken place. In the case of PowerBuilder, Sybase's plan of action is to continue to ensure that developers are able to fully leverage both the Visual Studio IDE and the .NET runtime while retaining their invested skills and the power and productivity of PowerBuilder.

Contract Logix, Inc. contracted Appeon to prepare and develop our software systems for deployment over the Web and Internet. A major factor for this project, was the ability to not only provide multiple web-ready deployment capabilities, but also to maintain one core PowerBuilder application that could continue to be developed for any installation or deployment type.

ND Software has developed a series of heartwarming solutions to support business services, such as welfare facilities and nursery facilities for the elderly and persons with disabilities, as well as mission-critical operations such as payroll and financial accounting, by using highly-productive PowerBuilder, which has become indispensable development tool for these heartwarming products.

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