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Identify the Slowest Pieces of Code in Oracle & SQL Server Database

One of the ways to improve your code productivity is to find out the pieces of database code that consume most of the execution time. Visual Expert allows you to identify the slowest procedures, functions or triggers executed. To find the root cause for the slow execution of code, Visual Expert helps developers by producing ‘Highest Execution Time’ as well as ‘Total Execution Time’ Analysis reports.

For Highest Execution Time Analysis, the slowest procedures are listed, based on their average execution time. The resultant window will appear as shown below:


This feature comes with 2 parameters to let you customize the report - number of procedures displayed in the result (20 by default) and minimum execution time, to show procedures with a significant response time only.



For Total Execution Time Analysis, the slow response time is not necessarily critical if the corresponding functions are rarely used. To properly assess the criticality of this problem, you must take into account how frequently each function is actually executed. The feature ‘Total Execution Time’ calculates the total execution time for each procedure, function or trigger, by calculating the Average execution time x Number of times it is executed.



This feature too comes with 2 parameters to let you customize the result on the basis of the number of functions displayed in the result (20 by default) and minimum execution time, to view only functions with a significant response time.



Read the step-by-step procedure to analyze the performance of your database code with Visual Expert. 

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