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PB Ultimate Suite (PBUS) 2019 RELEASED

PB 2019 brings new, modern themes that pave the way for PB UI modernization.

PB Ultimate Suite pursues the same objective by providing 23 additional controls, on top of the standard PB controls, to give a modern look to your PowerBuilder applications.


PB Ultimate Suite with multiple GUI Controls


PB Ultimate Suite 2019 introduces PowerChart, a new Chart Control offering several types of graphs (Pie, Bar, Donuts, Lines)

Charts are animated, clickable, and can be included and printed with PB reports.

PowerChart adds a modern presentation layer to your datawindows.

No need to write code: just select a datawindow and design the Chart with a dedicated painter.


PB Ultimate Suite Animated charts


PB Ultimate Suite 2019 follows the lead of PB 2019: its controls support the new PB themes, for a consistent and up-to-date PowerBuilder User Interface.

PB Ultimate Suite 2019 also gathers a selection of open source icons libraries, to help PB developers enrich their renovated UI with new icons.


Download PBUS 2019 and find out what your PowerBuilder application could look like with these controls.


Watch this PBTV Webcast to learn more about PBUS 2019. 


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