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Zeenyx Announces AscentialTest 9.4 for PowerBuilder Automated Testing

Zeenyx Software has released the latest version of its test automation suite: AscentialTest 9.4, now available to download. 

Zeenyx is expanding the feature set for automating the tests of PowerBuilder applications - as well as other desktop and web technologies - and addressing the growing user base outside of the US, by engaging in a localization process: AscentialTest 9.4 can run tests with non-English keyboards, and the team at Zeenyx further plans to localize the User Interface to make it easier for non-English readers. 

AscentialTest 9.4 also provides support for 64 bit PowerBuilder applications and Electron applications, along with improvements to the AscentialTest UI. 


List of Recent Enhancements:

  • Non-English keyboard runtime support.
  • Support for 64 bit PowerBuilder applications.
  • Drag & drop support for PowerBuilder toolbar definition.
  • Support for Electron applications.
  • Resizable dialog boxes in AscentialTest UI.
  • Reorganized AscentialTest File menu.
  • Ability to disable auto-scroll in Elements and App Object panels.
  • RenderImage improvements.
  • New Html5 attributes.
  • Several AscentialTest UI Improvements.
  • Close action added for MDIChild class.


Upcoming Features:

  • Localization of the AscentialTest User Interface.
  • TFS integration for version control.
  • Email test reports from command line execution.
  • Runtime control including speed of execution, pause, and resume.
  • DPI transformation to run tests when the target machine is not set to 100%.
  • Improved Output with labeling and indentation by step.
  • Application startup (Appstate) automation improved with Login dialogs.
  • F1 Help links.
  • Project starter to set up extensions.
  • Snapshot capture improvements.

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