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PB Ultimate Suite 2019 R3 is Now Available

The PBUS team released the PB Ultimate Suite R1 in June 2019 with new chart control - PowerCharts, and PB Ultimate Suite 2019 R2 with the latest version of Chartpainter in 2019. They have recently announced the October 2019 release of PB Ultimate Suite R3, now available to download. 

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PB Ultimate Suite 2019 R3 (October 2019) Updates below:

New Features

  • Preview displayed automatically when adding a PowerChart to a window in the window painter (now using graphical PB objects instead of png files that had to be placed before in the painter directory).
  • Same automatic preview when opening a PowerChart in the datawindow painter
  • You can now format data, labels and popup labels in PowerChart, to display data as $ 9,999 or 99% or whatever format your JavaScript skills let you imagine (select PowerCharts Advanced Configuration Parameters to do so).
  • New "javascript_preview" event added to PowerCharts datawindow controls, to let users get the JavaScript code generated. This code can be customized to create workarounds or try new features without deploying a new release.
  • Chart painter application now available for PB2019

 Bug Fix

  • PowerCharts: Generation bugs on-axis manipulation (could not remove an axis).
  • PowerCharts: 64-bit compatibility issues for PB2017 and above.
  • PowerCharts: Coma decimal separator issue for PB2017 and above.
  • Command Button: Minor bug fixes
  • PowerToast: Minor bug fixes

Try PB Ultimate Suite 2019 R3 to give a modern look to your PowerBuilder applications UI with an animated chart and drill-down features for data analytics.

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