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PB UI Modernization: Ultimate Suite 2020 Available!

Ultimate Suite 2020 for PowerBuilder (USPB) has been released, with new controls to modernize the look and enrich the UI of your PowerBuilder applications.

Here is a rundown for the USPB 2020 new controls:

  1. Single Page Application with Navigation
    Single Page Application w/navigation is a new control that makes it easy to develop single-page applications. This window displays user objects with built-in navigation, therefore a simple implementation would require only a few function calls. A custom windows caption bar allows developers to add buttons to give access to more features.
    Single Page Application with Navigation by USPB

  2. Single Page Application Basic
    A new window that allows you to create the most basic form of a single page application with a custom windows caption bar. This caption bar allows developers to add buttons to give their users more functionality.
    *PowerBuilder Menu object is not supported*

  3. PowerMenu
    The style of the PowerMenu has been updated to add more spacing and larger fonts (closer to the MS Ribbon menu) and includes the loading circle in the status bar.

  4. PowerMenu Pro
    New window based on PowerMenu. It includes a custom caption bar at the top and a quick access toolbar located in the title bar.
    PowerMenu Pro by USPB

  5. Drag and Drop files
    This new Ultimate Suite control can be added to any window or user object allowing users to drag files into the application.
    Drag and Drop files by USPB

  6. Loading Circles
    The loading circle continuously rotates indicating that a process is waiting to complete and can be placed anywhere on the screen. The loading circle has been implemented in PowerDock, Tab Control, and PowerMenu (displays in the PowerDock and Tab Control tabs or the PowerMenu status bar).
    Loading Circles by USPB


  • Expected summer 2020
  • Included with all USPB Editions
     Gauge Control by USPB

Stay Tuned!

For More Information on USPB:


Download the trial version of USPB to try the latest updates with your PB application.

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