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Evolution of the Appeon Offer

With the release of PB 2019 R2, Appeon has updated its software offering: it will now consist of 6 products and 2 bundles…    

6 Independent Products

From now on, C# tools and components will no longer be just features of PowerBuilder, but distinct products. 

This is a logical evolution: they can work independently of PowerBuilder, and their scope goes beyond that of a simple feature.  Each of these products will have its own roadmap and lifecycle.  

In addition to the traditional PowerBuilder, InfoMaker and PowerServer, the following new products are now available in the Appeon catalog:

.NET DataStore

  • Pure C# implementation of DataWindow technology. 
  • Compatible with Cloud architectures 
  • Includes a tool for the automatic conversion of existing DataWindows. 

PowerScript Migrator

  • PowerScript to C# code converter 
  • Automatically migrates 80-95% of the PowerBuilder business logic
    (non-visual PowerScripts and embedded SQLs). 


  • IDE for the rapid development of C# REST APIs and services.
  • A lightweight alternative to Visual Studio.
  • Easy to use and very productive for "database-intensive" applications.

2 Bundles

Appeon has also revised its commercial offer: 


Desktop Bundle
Cloud Bundles
PB Professional
PowerBuilder CloudPRO

Tools &
• PowerBuilder • PowerBuilder  
• SnapDevelop
• .NET DataStore
• SnapDevelop
• .NET DataStore 
• SnapDevelop
• .NET DataStore
  • PowerScript Migrator
• PowerServer PB Edition
• PowerScript Migrator 
Remain with PowerBuilder 
Modernize PB applications
Move from PB to C#


In short:

  1. PowerBuilder CloudPRO includes all Appeon development tools.  
  2. PowerBuilder Professional does not include PowerServer and PowerScript Migrator. It is not intended for projects that want to migrate their business code to a Web API + C# Services. 
  3. RapidSharp does not include PowerBuilder and PowerServer
    It targets projects that no longer use PowerBuilder. 


Please note:    


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