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Combine PB2019 & Ultimate Suite to Modernize PB UI

PB 2019 offers features to modernize an existing PB UI.
In addition, Ultimate Suite for PB offers new controls designed for the same purpose.

  • How to compare their features?
  • Can they work together?

UI Modernization with PB 2019

PowerBuilder proposes modernizing the look of the existing controls, then adding graphic controls recently introduced by PB 2019.

PB UI Themes: modernize existing controls

Themes modernize the appearance of PB controls. 

  • Style sheets control their aspects for each state: activated, hovered, pressed, etc.
  • Several predefined themes are available.
  • You can customize them by modifying JSON attributes and providing new images.
  • They can apply to existing PB controls, to modernize them without coding.

More about UI Themes

Documentation   Videos
Introduction to UI Themes  

Introduction to UI Themes (Appeon)

Quick Start Tutorial

  Use and create UI themes (Bruce Armstrong)
Advanced Tutorial   Leveraring UI Themes (Tom Mills)
PB Documentation - Specifying UI Themes    

New graphic controls


UI modernization with Ultimate Suite 2020

Unlike PowerBuilder, Ultimate Suite does not modify existing PB controls.
It proposes new controls to enrich and modernize existing PB UIs.

28 New PB Controls 

Ultimate Suite 2020 provides 27 new controls and 12 charts.
You can combine Ultimate Suite and standard PB controls as you wish.

Add controls to your PB Applications for a rich UI

Several Themes available

Same theme for all PowerBuilder and Ultimate Suite controls

You can choose a theme to define the aspect of Ultimate Suite controls.
These themes are aligned with PB Themes, so that all controls share the same look & feel.

In short

  • You can use both PowerBuilder and Ultimate Suite together..
  • Their features are complementary (see below):
PB 2019 R2 / Ultimate Suite 2020 comparison matrix
UI Modernization features PowerBuilder
Ultimate Suite

Define the aspect of standard PB controls



Define the aspect of Ultimate Suite controls



New graphic controls

Web Control

28 Controls
12 Charts

Code Analysis

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Visual Guard

Application Security

Control Access to Sensitive Data.
Monitor Audit application Security.
Send notifications on suspicious events.

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AscentialTest Automated Software Testing

Automated Testing

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PowerBuilder Datawindows and Objects.

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