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Convert your PB Menu into Ribbon Menu | USPB

One of the main controls used while modernizing a UI is a Ribbon Menu.

Problem: this Ribbon will replace the existing PB menu, which usually comes with tons of critical business and security logic. 

If you create a new Ribbon from scratch, you must rewrite/adapt the old business and security logic to the new Ribbon. Complex and expensive...

Ultimate Suite 2020 (USPB) offers a different approach: 

  • Don’t create a Ribbon from scratch!
    Instead, add a "Ribbon" presentation layer to your existing PB menu.
    You instantly get a Ribbon menu up and running, leveraging all the existing menus and logic. 100% of the existing business/security code is preserved!

  • You keep evolving your PB menu as before: the Ribbon will dynamically reflect whatever is currently defined in your PB Menu.

  • Specify additional images and Ribbon features in the tags of the menu items
    • Organize functions into tabs and groups 
    • Assign large or small icons to menu items
    • Create drop-down menus,
    • Highlight frequently used functions with a quick access toolbar,
    • And more…

Ultimate Suite Ribbon Menu Control

As a result, USPB allows PowerBuilder developers to quickly convert their existing PB menu into a modern, user-friendly ribbon menu.  

Because this ready-to-use Ribbon Menu Control reuses the business/security logic of the existing menu, it makes the conversion safe and faster.

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