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PowerBuilder Vulnerabilities Scanner | Visual Expert

Most PowerBuilder apps are mission-critical and handle large volumes of sensitive data.

Hackers could therefore try to steal the data manipulated in PB applications using:

  • SQL injections, to access, destroy or steal sensitive data
  • Identity theft, by exploiting authentication weaknesses
  • Denial of Access, Server Takeover, and more.  

The increasing cyberattacks call for a robust solution towards application security. Regular code scanning, therefore, became essential for vulnerability assessment to prevent the hijacking of data or application functionalities.   

Visual Expert automatically scans your PowerBuilder, Oracle, and SQL Server code to detect vulnerabilities


How does Visual Expert Detect Security Vulnerabilities in PowerBuilder Code? 

find security vulnerabilities in your code

In four simple steps:

  1. Scan your code with Visual Expert to find issues. 
  2. Locate each problem in your application. 
  3. Check the source code. 
  4. Edit the code to fix the issue, based on Visual Expert recommendations.

    fix security vulnerabilities in code


Visual Expert 2021 is the first tool to scan PB code against 300+ predefined rules to improve security, stability, and maintainability.  

Read this article to learn more about Detecting Security Vulnerabilities in PowerBuilder Code.


About Visual Expert

Visual Expert automatically scans PowerBuilder, Oracle, and SQL Server code to detect vulnerabilities, bugs, and maintainability issues. It is the first Code Security Scanning Tool supporting PowerBuilder.

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