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Continuous Integration for PB Apps | Whitepaper

Novalys has published a Whitepaper on Continuous Integration for PowerBuilder Apps, including continuous code inspection and testing.

Are PB Developers Adopting Continuous Integration?

Improved support for source controls, particularly GIT and SVN has brought PowerBuilder in line with modern Continuous Integration practices. PowerBuilder developers now often organize around a shared repository, to commit regularly and generate frequent builds. 

By relying on an automation server like Jenkins or others, projects can take a step further to test their UI and inspect their code automatically. Several Jenkins plugins have been released for this purpose in the last year. This is a sign of the global movement towards CI/CD workflows, to which PowerBuilder is now no stranger! 




With this whitepaper, you can learn about the key concepts behind Continuous Integration, and how to automatically generate and check a new build for PB applications.  

CI is a consistent and automated way of building and testing code.
Each code update is automatically checked and once accepted, it can be deployed for production. Automating deployments leads to Continuous Delivery (CD), which is a frequent extension of Continuous Integration.  

Ultimately, a CI/CD workflow increases the agility and productivity of your development team by delivering your product to market on the desired timeline.

CI Whitepaper Download CTA 

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