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AscentialTest 9.8 | New Testing Features for PowerBuilder Apps

AscentialTest 9.8 has been released with new productive features to automate testing of PowerBuilder, PowerClient & PowerServer applications. 

New Test Automation Features in AscentialTest 9.8

  • Testing Support for the browser - Microsoft Edge. 
  • Embedded Chrome (CEF) support for PowerBuilder / PowerServer / PowerClient applications. 
  • New Plug-in provided for executing tests through Azure DevOps. 
  • A new XML class has been provided to read, parse and write XML, making it easy for users to make SOAP/Web Service calls. 

Enhancements for Automated Testing in AscentialTest 9.8

  • Full Request for REST/SOAP returns full error information on request failure.
  • The expand/collapse state of the Project Explorer is now saved between sessions. 
  • Lock icons have been added to AppObject, Plan, and Data Table panels. 
  • ClickPath and DoubleClickPath added to the TreeView class, making it easier to click or double click on a specific location on a TreeView Item. 
  • GetTranslateLanguage added to the UA class that enables returning the translated language at runtime. 
  • Option available to set the Build Number when executing from the command line. 
  • Some applications embed tiny browsers to display graphical elements.
  • Set the MinWindowsWidth parameter in the Web Driver section of the Application Options to a value that is just greater than the width of your tiny browser. This makes it simple to capture pages that embed tiny browsers. 




About AscentialTest

AscentialTest is a proven test automation solution for PowerBuilder, PowerClient, and PowerServer. AscentialTest offers better test coverage, fewer regression bugs, and very high testing productivity without coding. 

AT 9.8 Released for PowerBuilder, PowerServer & PowerClient

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