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Code Quality & Security for PB Apps | Visual Expert 2022

Visual Expert 2022 has been released with new code inspection features, support for new sources of code, UI enhancements, and advanced settings for code parsing. 

Visual Expert identifies cross-references to help you understand the inner workings of your applications, and update them without the risk of regression using impact analysis. 

Visual Expert detects security issues (vulnerabilities, bugs, and quality) based on 300 predefined code inspection rules. The developers can simply locate these issues and fix them. 

What’s New for PowerBuilder Code Analysis in Visual Expert 2022?

Enhanced Code Inspection

Automatically scan your project to identify and remove flaws in code.  

It is now easier to find and fix security issues in your code with:

  • Interactive Dashboard (Drill-Down to instructions)
  • Additional Inspection Rules
  • New Settings to Adjust Rules 
  • Enhanced Tooltips in Dashboard 

PowerBuilder Code Inspection


Extended Impact Analysis

Identify the consequences of a change in your PowerBuilder or Database Code.

Extended scope of fine-grained analysis and advanced code parsing settings. 

Support of new sources of code:

  • PowerBuilder 2021 
  • Oracle Cloud Database 
  • SQL Server Azure 
  • PBG files 
  • AWS CodeCommit (Source Control)
  • TFS PB targets (Source Control)

Check Impact Analysis in PowerBuilder Code

When fixing an issue, it is necessary to ensure its impact on other objects, procedures, methods, etc. does not break the application. The wise decision is to go for a tool that caters to a developer’s code performance needs.  

Visual Expert gives you a code review report indicating slow pieces of code, source code metrics, show you impact analysis, and provides cross-references; thereby ensuring better and safer code maintenance. 




About Visual Expert

Visual Expert is the first Code Security Scanning Tool for PowerBuilder. It automatically scans your PB, Oracle, and SQL Server code to detect security vulnerabilities. The developers can leverage Visual Expert’s robust static code analysis to review, maintain, and analyze the database code and automate documentation generation. Read the complete version history for a detailed overview.

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