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Send WhatsApp and SMS from PowerBuilder App

Real-time communication channels like SMS and WhatsApp support your business and customer relationships, by offering services like scheduling appointments and chatting with a representative.

What is Fidelius? 

Fidelius is a solution for sending messages from various apps including PowerBuilder and REST clients. It offers a user-friendly and powerful unified API for sending SMS and WhatsApp messages through different providers. It is easy to integrate with advanced delivery options. 

PowerBuilderTV’s online webinar held on September 26, 2023 - showcased how to Send WhatsApp and SMS from your PowerBuilder App using Fidelius ISV. 

This webcast demonstrated how to integrate Fidelius ISV into your PowerBuilder application; how to send programmed messages; and how to set up a chat system, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.  



Fidelius Use Cases for PowerBuilder

Sending messages

Send business or software updates, order confirmations, service alerts, and OTPs. 

Implementing Chat

Implement autoresponder, automas for user guidance, or free-text chat for easier conversations within the application. 

Create Infopages 

InfoPages are custom pages that allow you to share more detailed information than in a simple message. 

Linked to the initial thread, they offer the possibility of retrieving any relevant information and allowing the user to interact with it.  

How does Fidelius ISV help PowerBuilder apps? 

Diverse Messaging Options

With Fidelius ISV, you can send various messages, SMS, or WhatsApp, using a single, unified interface. No need to dive into the technical specifics of different providers. 

Chat Services and Bots Integration

Take your PB application to the next level by implementing chat services and bots, creating dynamic and engaging user experiences.  

Message Tracking

Stay in control by monitoring message delivery and status, ensuring that your users are always informed. 

Direct Control for ISVs

As an ISV, gain direct control over your customers' operations, from spending to configuration, fostering stronger relationships and personalized experiences. 




About Fidelius ISV

Fidelius ISV is the go-to messaging solution for PowerBuilder apps and beyond.
Powered with an intuitive and robust API, it enables ISVs to send WhatsApp and SMS messages through one interface in just a matter of minutes.

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