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Calendar UI Control for PowerBuilder

The Ultimate Suite 2024 has been released with a new Calendar Control for PowerBuilder Applications UI. 

PowerSchedule for PowerBuilder Apps UI

The calendar tool, released in January 2024, is a powerful UI control developed in PowerBuilder to meet the scheduling needs of PowerBuilder applications. It stands out with several key features.


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Highly Customizable Interface

  • User-friendly and customizable interface that aligns seamlessly with the application's aesthetics.
  • Developers can tailor the scheduling control to ensure a consistent and polished user experience.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

  • Streamlines scheduling processes with an integrated drag-and-drop interface.
  • Enables users to easily create, modify, and rearrange scheduled events with a simple click, enhancing overall efficiency.

Multiple Views

  • Offers various views such as Day, Week, Work Week, and Month for flexible scheduling visualization.
  • Users can navigate and customize their schedules based on personal preferences, making them suitable for diverse applications.

Extensive Event Options

  • Supports a wide range of event options, including one-time events, recurring schedules, private meetings, busy indicators, and customizable colors.
  • Developers have control over implementing complex scheduling scenarios, catering to diverse user needs.

Data Binding and Integration

  • Seamlessly integrates with PowerBuilder applications through robust data binding capabilities.
  • Developers can effortlessly bind scheduling data to their application's data sources, ensuring smooth integration.

Custom User Interfaces

  • Provides flexibility for developers who prefer custom data binding and integration.
  • Allows for managing and loading custom data, with events available for connecting custom UIs for creating and modifying scheduling events.

Resource Management

  • Enhances resource management capabilities in applications.
  • Allows developers to assign resources to events, making it ideal for applications where resource allocation is crucial, such as project management or team collaboration tools.


scheduler and calendar for powerbuilder ui

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