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STD Integrated Framework - 2024R1 Released

Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) has unveiled the latest version of its Integrated Foundation Class library framework, 2024R1.

It is exclusively tailored for PowerBuilder 2022 R2, PowerServer 2022 R2 (Cloud), and InfoMaker 2022 R2 (build 2819). This release marks a significant milestone in enhancing the capabilities of the Appeon PowerBuilder 2022R3 development environment.  

The 2024R1 framework introduces a plethora of new features and upgrades, empowering developers to harness the full potential of Agile and DevOps methodologies. Notably, the framework seamlessly integrates with existing PowerBuilder and PowerServer products. 

Key highlights of the 2024R1 release include

  • Debugging support for the WebView2 engine
  • Customizable grid DataWindow line colors
  • Universal mouse cursor support across all controls
  • Updated MS Word spell-checking capabilities
  • Introduction of a new ADMIN App example
  • Enhanced PowerServer failover mechanisms
  • Tabbed view opening direction customization
  • Improved accessibility to the Log Viewer 

Furthermore, the latest framework version has undergone rigorous testing on the latest Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 10 (22H2 build 19045.3996) and Windows 11 (23H2 build 22631.3085), alongside compatibility validation with PowerBuilder 2022 R3 build 3289 and PowerServer 2022 R3 build 2.1.0.  

Developers can access the Integrated framework, along with demo applications, via the STD Foundation Classes project hosted on SourceForge. All STD framework versions are available free of charge and are licensed under the Apache 2.0 open-source model, fostering collaboration and innovation within the PowerBuilder community. 

For more information, visit the Chris Pollach blog page. Stay tuned as STD continues to roll out more feature-rich updates for the Integrated framework throughout 2024, reinforcing its commitment to driving excellence in PowerBuilder development. 

STD 2024 R1 Released

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