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How to Generate Object Dependency Matrix

Visual Expert (VE) 2020 has released a new feature - Object Dependency Matrix to check cross-references for PowerBuilder, Oracle & SQL Server code.

The agenda is to widen the concept of “Impact Analysis” through visualizing multiple objects for PB, PL/SQL, or T-SQL code in a two-dimension matrix. 

Why Generate an Object Dependency Matrix?

Object Dependency Matrices assist developers to understand large and complex applications, containing a high number of objects with multiple dependencies.

An Object Dependency Matrix by Visual Expert shows the relationships between objects in a grid format, providing developers with a productive way to analyze the consequences of a change in code. Also, VE generates this matrix in an Excel file, allowing developers to easily highlight, comment, and share specific references with their team. 

Object Dependency Matrix generated with Visual Expert 

Which Objects Can be Analyzed? 

  • PowerBuilder code: Windows, Menus, UserObjects, DataWindows, Structures, Function objects, Application objects, user object controls, PB functions, and events. 

  • Oracle PL/SQL or SQL Server Transact-SQL code: Functions, Triggers, Procedures, Tables, Views, Synonyms, Sequences, and Types.  

Read the step-by-step tutorial and learn how to configure and generate an Object Dependency Matrix using Visual Expert.

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