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Code Inspection Tool for PowerBuilder | Visual Expert

Visual Expert 2021 Code Inspection features are now GA for PowerBuilder, Oracle, and SQL Server projects.

 Visual Expert implements 300+ verification rules, to scan your code for Security Vulnerabilities, Bugs, and Maintainability Issues. Developers can have a complete code review report to check their code under various angles and improve its stability.  

Using code inspection, they can:

  • Detect and remove security vulnerabilities
  • Comply with coding "grammar" standards
  • Comply with code readability standards
  • Architectural layering adherence
  • Remove code duplicates
  • Improve performance
  • And more...


How does the VE Code Inspection Work?

Code Inspection Workflow by Visual Expert

In four simple steps:

  1. Scan your code with Visual Expert to find issues.
  2. Locate each problem in your application.
  3. Check the source code.
  4. Edit the code to fix the issue, based on Visual Expert recommendations. 


Fetch and Analyze Code from Any Source with Visual Expert

Analyze any source code with Visual Expert


Preview the Code Inspection Results on a Dashboard

Code Inspection Dashboard by Visual Expert

The Code Inspection Dashboard helps the developers to:

  • Watch out for high-level indicators.
  • Find security issues based on severity and type.
  • Estimate remediation costs and technical debts. 


Continuous Code Inspection Workflow

Visual Expert provides a Jenkins plugin to integrate code inspection in a continuous integration workflow. This enables the developers to:

  • Perform a complete code review each time a build is generated.
  • Reduce the time between the build creation and the discovery of the quality and/or security issues. 


About Visual Expert

Visual Expert is the first Code Security Scanning Tool for PowerBuilder. It automatically scans your PB, Oracle, and SQL Server code to detect security vulnerabilities. The developers can leverage Visual Expert’s robust static code analysis to review, maintain, and analyze the database code and automate documentation generation.


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