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Multi-Factor Authentication for PowerBuilder Apps

Visual Guard now offers strong, easy and cost-effective multi-factor authentication for PowerBuilder, PowerServer and .Net apps. 

Benefits of Multi-factor User Authentication

  1. Securing Sensitive Business or Personal Data 
    Regardless of the size of your organization; third parties including your own employees, customers, or other partners are increasingly accessing your system remotely. Adding an authentication factor to increase the protection of your data by creating a multi-layered defense has become a necessity. 

  2. Prevent Access to your Application with Leaked Passwords
    When it comes to passwords, there can be instances when they are shared or even displayed for all to see. Let aside the possibility that they have been cracked or guessed by hackers. Using MFA, the enterprise can limit and ensure access to sensitive data or application features is available to approved users only.  

  3. Apply Credential Parameters as per Security Needs
    Multi-factor authentication meets the security needs of an enterprise, but implies more constraints for the user, especially when it relies on a hardware token or biometric verification. However, the use of a second authentication factor such as a one-time password or a security link sent by email or SMS can drastically increase security while remaining user-friendly. 

  4. Comply with International Security Policies 
    Multi-factor authentication also enables both private and government institutions to comply with international security protocols like SOX or GDPR. As MFA prevents unauthorized access while also examining who is accessing the data.  


Why Use Visual Guard MFA Security?

    Prevent unauthorized access by adding a second authentication factor in addition to passwords. For instance, it can be an OTP (One-Time Password) code or a verification link sent by email or SMS.
    Visual Guard MFA is ready to use and easy to integrate into your existing .NET, PowerBuilder, PowerServer, C#, Angular, and Java applications. This helps you to implement strong authentication faster. 
    Visual Guard is less expensive than other MFA solutions, even those that do not involve the additional cost of using hardware tokens. It is available for companies of all sizes looking to improve the security of their applications.
    Free your users from the burden of complex passwords, smart cards, or security questions with a convenient solution. 


How Does Visual Guard Multi-Factor Authentication Work?

VG MFA is a two-factor authentication (2FA) process:

  • The user enters their ID in the application login form
  • Visual Guard sends an OTP (One-Time Password) by email or SMS
  • The user enters the PIN or clicks on a verification URL
  • The user gets access to the application 

VG MFA Flowchart for PB Apps 



About Visual Guard

Visual Guard is an application security framework, exposing an extended API and providing ready-to-use security management tools, to help businesses implement access control features to their applications. 

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