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Ultimate Suite 2023 | New PB UI Controls & Features

Discover the new Ultimate Suite 2023 controls and features to modernize the UI and UX of your PowerBuilder applications without coding.

The latest USPB version offers 40 PowerBuilder controls, 12 types of animated charts, gauges, and a plethora of UI themes to easily upgrade PowerBuilder applications. 

The application is radically transformed with a minimum of code and without altering the business logic.

Benefits of using Ultimate Suite 2023 for PowerBuilder

  • Quickly improve application UI with minimum efforts 
  • Modernize the look of your app with latest UI controls 
  • Make your app convenient and user-friendly  

What’s New in Ultimate Suite 2023?

Export Fully Functional Animated Graphs


The above example demonstrates a single HTML file containing data, animations and pop-ups created using USPB. This enables users to interface with the information and easily recognize the story behind multiple levels of complex data.
(Mouse over the bar graphs to see hierarchical data via tooltips) 

Convert your DataWindows and Graph DW into interactive charts with Ultimate Suite and share them:

  • by e-mail
  • on a website
  • via Sharepoint
  • in PowerPoint presentations


Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy Search by Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder 

Extend your search results with the "Fuzzy Search" control and enable users to engage with your app smoothly. Leverage the fuzzy algorithm to display results with similar patterns. Users will be able to find what they are looking for even if they misspell a search query. 



Pagination Control by Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder 

This new control allows you to add pagination with flat design in your PowerBuilder applications. You can define the total number of pages, the start page, the font size, and so on to customize as per your needs. 

Pagination helps developers to support structured organization of your content. It allows your users to keep track of where they are or where they found something worth exploring. 




About Ultimate Suite for PB

Ultimate Suite is a PowerBuilder companion toolbox with 40 UI controls, 12 types of charts, and 50+ themes to enrich your PB Apps UI with a modern look and feel.

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