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AscentialTest 9.9 | New Testing Enhancements for PowerBuilder

AscentialTest 9.9 is available to support automated testing for PowerBuilder, PowerClient, and PowerServer applications. 

New Enhancements in AscentialTest 9.9

  • Automated testing support for custom objects through a new extension kit. 
  • The Test workspace has been renamed to “Steps/Tests” for clarity. 
  • User-friendly navigation to find errors for call stack.
  • Indication for users to update files by highlighting them in a dark grey circle.
  • Subtabs highlight for easy recognition in the workspace.
  • A new action, WaitUntilExistsTimed has been added to the AppObject class. 
  • Integration with Azure Dev/Ops for Team Foundation Version Control. 
  • Dark more support added for Step/Test, Source, Plan, and Suite editors.
  • RenderText support is now available for the following PowerBuilder presentation styles: Composite, CrossTab, and Label.


More AscentialTest 9.9 Updates


About AscentialTest

AscentialTest is a proven test automation solution for PowerBuilder, PowerClient, and PowerServer. AscentialTest offers better test coverage, fewer regression bugs, and very high testing productivity without coding.

AscentialTest 9.9 Released for PowerBuilder Test Automation

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