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PowerBuilder 2022 R2: Join the Customer Beta

Appeon is set to release the highly anticipated PowerBuilder 2022 R2 version.

The company is inviting PB users to participate in the Customer Beta Program to contribute to the final release and shape the future of PowerBuilder applications. With a host of new objects and controls, both client/server and cloud apps stand to benefit significantly from the exciting features being introduced. 




New App Features for Client/Server & Cloud Apps

SMTP Client

Say goodbye to third-party hassles when sending emails from your app. PowerBuilder 2022 R2 introduces an SMTP Client, allowing users to send text or HTML-based emails directly using the native email client. Streamline your communication process effortlessly.

Tabbed Window

Modernize your apps with ease by enabling the TabbedView option, which presents MDI sheets in a tabbed view. With just a single click, your client/server or cloud app can embrace a more contemporary interface, enhancing user experience.

PDF Enhancements

Creating fillable PDFs becomes a breeze with the RichTextEdit Control. PowerBuilder 2022 R2 enables users to generate interactive PDFs effortlessly. Additionally, you can manipulate PDFs by creating, merging, inserting files, and adding watermarks or images, expanding your document-processing capabilities. 

RichTextEdit Enhancements

The RichTextEdit control receives significant improvements in PowerBuilder 2022 R2. Users can now leverage advanced features such as form fields, tables, and text frames. Enhance the appearance and functionality of your app's text editing capabilities. 

WebView2 Web Browser

PowerBuilder 2022 R2 upgrades the web browser engine to WebView2. This enhancement brings increased functionality and the ability to update the web browser without user intervention automatically.  

Data Filter

Increase productivity and user experience by enabling autocomplete properties in DropDownDataWindow and DropDownListBox. Automatic data completion and filtering through typing empower users to find desired information quickly. 

Additional Enhancements

PowerBuilder 2022 R2 also introduces several enhancements to boost security, database compatibility, and overall IDE productivity across all project types. These enhancements further solidify PowerBuilder's commitment to providing a robust and efficient development environment.  




Watch this video to explore the highlighted features for both Client/Server and Cloud apps and be part of the evolution of your app development experience. 


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