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Replay PowerBuilderTV 2023 Webcasts - Part 1

PowerBuilderTV conducted a series of webinars on PowerBuilder modernization tools with detailed demos and Q&A sessions. 

This summer, take advantage of your available time to replay/watch the 2023 - Part 1 series on top PowerBuilder companion tools. It includes five webcasts that offer productive insights on modernizing your approach toward PowerBuilder apps. 

List of PowerBuilderTV Webcasts 2023 - Part 1

  1. Localize your PowerBuilder UI

    The webinar showcased Enable 2022's integration with a PowerBuilder application and the steps to localize it. It outlined the use cases, discussed the application's evolution into a multilingual entity, delved into advanced utilization with Enable Designer, and presented the complete workflow. The webinar featured an in-depth, sequential walkthrough of the "Enabling" process, accompanied by additional tools.  
  1. Automate the Tests of PowerBuilder Apps

    The webinar presented the object-based UI testing approach, key features, typical configuration, and the platforms supported by AscentialTest. It included a quick demo of automated testing on a sample PowerBuilder application. The demo covered creating a test project, capturing application objects, setting up actions and steps, defining tests and running them while reviewing their results.  
  1. Performance Tuning for PowerBuilder Apps

    The webinar explained the importance of performance tuning and the two angles to analyzing its results. It highlighted the scope of analysis, presented a couple of use cases, outlined the process (data collection and analysis), and provided a hands-on demonstration of the performance tuning feature using a sample application. 
  1. Modernize your PowerBuilder UI

    The webinar explores simple ways to modernize a PowerBuilder app’s UI using Ultimate Suite with minimal effort. It offers a PowerBuilder library for UI modernization using two approaches: upgrading existing controls and adding peripheral ones. Watch the demo to understand how these approaches are cost-effective and low-risk ways to enhance the UI.  
  1. The Top PowerBuilder Companion Tools in 2023

    Typical PowerBuilder applications tend to be large, complex, mature, and critical. From a function point of view, they do the job, and the end users are used to them. But they often suffer from technical limitations which have to be addressed sooner or later. When considering modernization, there are two primary choices: rewrite or evolve. This webcast presents an overview of the top PowerBuilder tools along with their current and upcoming feature map to enhance modernization. 

 Upcoming PowerBuilderTV Webcasts - 2023 

  1. Modern Dashboard and Reports for PowerBuilder Apps

    Enhance your DataWindows with modern graphs, interactive navigation, and captivating dashboards. Implement drill-down navigation that allows users to click on portions of charts, and reach other windows or graphs.
  1. Impact Analysis & Code Maintenance for PowerBuilder

    Get the insights and tools you need to optimize your code maintenance strategies and minimize the potential risks when modifying your PowerBuilder applications.
  1. Send WhatsApp and SMS from your PB App

    Explore the integration of Fidelius ISV with a PowerBuilder application, demonstrating how to send programmed messages and implement a chat system. 


More from PowerBuilderTV

To access more such PowerBuilder webinars, simply visit the PowerBuilderTV website and sign up. Log into your PBTV account and immerse yourself in these technical sessions to elevate your PowerBuilder knowledge.


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