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STD Integrated Framework 2024 R2 Released

Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) is excited to announce the release of the Integrated Foundation Class library framework 2024 R2.

This (build 2024.2.0.392) is for PowerBuilder 2022 R3, PowerServer 2022 R3 (Cloud), and InfoMaker 2022 R3 (build 3356). This new version brings many features, enhancements, and upgrades for Appeon PowerBuilder 2022 R3 developers.  

This release strengthens PowerBuilder’s ability to create Native Client, PowerClient, and PowerServer applications. It supports Agile and DevOps methodologies, offering a refreshed GUI for both Native and Cloud-based apps—at no extra cost. Plus, the framework is free! 


Key Highlights of the 2024 R2 Release 

Marquee Feature

  • Animation during wait states: The Marquee feature continues animations even when your app is in a wait state.
  • Customization: Includes five default marquees, customizable via INI settings. Use "of_start_marquee" and "of_stop_marquee" methods to implement.  

Admin INI

  • Enhanced security: Encrypts and decrypts database connection information. The framework decrypts settings before performing a DB connect and re-encrypts them post-connection to secure data against memory walkers.  

Statistics Viewer

  • Runtime stats: Displays runtime statistics of your PB app, with more categories and viewer displays planned for future releases. 

Dot Net Framework Integration

  • System-to-System checking: Ensures compatibility and integration with the .NET framework.  

Grid DW Colour

  • Customizable grid lines: Set grid line colors using the new "is_grid_colour" property.  

Performance Monitor Upgrade

  • Comprehensive monitoring: Monitor entities within PB and across the entire MS-Windows O/S.


Compatibility and Availability

The 2024 R2 framework has been rigorously tested with the latest versions of MS-Windows 10 (22H2 build 19045.4355) and MS-Windows 11 (23H2 build 22631.3527), as well as PB 2022 R3 build 3356 and PowerServer 2022 R3 build 2.1.0. It supports Win32 and Win64 executable deployments and PowerClient and PowerServer apps.  

Read the release notes by Chris Pollach to learn about major highlights of the STD Integrated Framework - 2024R2.

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