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"I'm working on a legacy PowerBuilder app, we have upgraded to PowerBuilder 12 but continue to use the "classic" IDE..I have started using expressions on the Protect and Background...The trouble is, for reasons that I am having a hard time pinning down, these expressions are sometimes causing the aforementioned row synchronization functionality to fail..."

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The International Data Corporation (IDC) just released an interesting White Paper looking at the past and the future of PowerBuilder and Sybase entitled "IDC White Paper: Sybase PowerBuilder: A Tradition of Productivity Evolved for Modern Developer Ecosystems". There are various points highlighted:


" Sybase PowerBuilder provides the following benefits:

  • A mature and highly functional application development environment that is currently in its sixteenth major release. Since its inception in 1991, PowerBuilder has aggressively evolved to meet customer demands for new architectures and technologies.
  • A powerful, yet easy-to-use scripting language, which has been kept current to support modern language features and techniques that permit the construction of business logic tying the user interface to the enterprise data... "


Take a full look at the PDF

Looking for an easy way to make your PowerBuilder application multilingual? A new version of Enable for PowerBuilder has just been released! Version 3.6 GA - build contains the following,


- native support for PB12.5 - support for MenuTitleText translation
- support for versions 8, 9, 10.x, 10.5, 11.x, 11.5, 12.x, 12.5
- support for Appeon for PB 10.5, 11.5, 12.x, 12.5
- Enable Engine for PB12.5 WPF, to use in applications migrated from PB12.5 classic to PB12.5 WPF. It includes only the features to run the application in a different language, not for capturing strings, analyzing XAML, running Runtime Explorer or defining translations in runtime.
- bug fixes in Tools (Author, Extractor, ESC)

Get more information on Enable Version?3.6

Winner of the 2010 ComputerWorld Honors Laureate, this PowerBuilder based product is helping to save the world! "Geokon was honored with the 2010 ComputerWorld Honors Laureate for its' GeoEnviron product for identifying, documenting, analyzing and planning environmental clean-up projects in less time and with greater accuracy. See how Geokon's innovative PowerBuilder Development Manager, Michael Kramer, was able to take full advantage of PowerBuilder's DataWindow technology and time-saving coding features to lead the GeoEnviron team to revamp their user interface across 2,400 DataWindows in less than a week!"

See the presentation and download the ppt here

We stumbled across this post at the Sybase SQL Forum "I have an application that was developed in PB 12.5 build 2511 and it uses SQL Anywhere database version When I run the app from PB everything is fine and app works great, however when I create the exe and deploy it on my test box suddenly some of the sql statements simply stop working. sqlca code is -1."

Check out where it went wrong.

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