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The annual Novalys Powerbuilder survey results are in. Thanks to the participation of the community of PB developers, we've got a look at the trends. Not only did we look at the current use of PowerBuilder but we also analyzed the impact of Java and .NET on PowerBuilder users. Java/JEE technology has been used widely for many years but Microsoft uses all its marketing power to impose its platform, rallying the Sybase capabilities to its cause

What are the most awaited developments of PB? What proportion of PB teams adopted .NET technology in 2010? Who's still using PB5? Who has moved to PB12? Where do you fit in?
Take the 2011 PowerBuilder survey and see the results from 2010!

In PowerBuilder 12, PowerScript is a fully CLS-compliant .NET language and comes with the ability to deploy fully managed code. The older PowerBuilder IDE continues to be made available for vanilla PowerBuilder development. PowerScript is used primarily for building business applications. PowerBuilder applications are used by many companies in the financial sector. It is also used by government agencies worldwide, telcos, manufacturing, and healthcare companies. PowerBuilder database is in use at thousands of organizations around the world.
EzineMark article, by Daniel Wills

Global Search across several applications and type of files

If you need to find a component or a business term in your PB code, you can easily run a search. But if those references are spread across different applications and types of files, (PB, UNIX script, DB code, XML files, .INI files ) this search quickly becomes complicated, and you'll need more than one tool to perform it.
Visual Expert can quickly analyze multiple file types and applications in a single, global search, to find all occurrences. It's like Google for your application code!

Read a step-by-step description on how to search your code with Visual Expert

About Visual Expert: Explore and review code, perform impact analysis, create documentation. Supports PowerBuilder, Oracle PL/SQL, Sybase ASE and SQL Server T-SQL.

PowerBuilderTV has just turned 1! We're celebrating with even more webinars in the coming months.
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  • How to let end users customize their applications - Thurs. June 16th at 11am EST
    If end users know best how they want their applications to look, why not let them customize screens and reports themselves? We'll introduce a tool that provides an innovative new way to let them customize applications and reports without touching the source code. You've never seen customization like this!
    Presenter: Christophe Dufourmantelle
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  • Using PowerBuilder Custom Visual User Objects in Visual Studio - Tues. June 21st at 12pm EST
    With PowerBuilder 12.5, Custom Visual User Objects (CVUOs) can be deployed as WPF User Control libraries. Bring the power of the DataWindow to C# and VB .NET solutions. Become the star of any .NET development team!
    Presenter: John Strano
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Code Analysis

Explore & Understand complex code Evaluate the impact of a change. Improve PB and Database Code.

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Visual Guard

Application Security

Control Access to Sensitive Data.
Monitor Audit application Security.
Send notifications on suspicious events.

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AscentialTest Automated Software Testing

Automated Testing

The ONLY testing tool fully supporting
PowerBuilder Datawindows and Objects.

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