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John Strano [...] demonstrated some impressive new features of the new version of PowerBuilder, including a fly-away image effect as well as DataWindow skinning. Of course, this is all based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the WPF DataWindow. I found it all quite impressive. I think we're about to experience one of the biggest leaps forward in PowerBuilder functionality that we've seen in recent history. My nagging concern is that in order to become fully ".NET," Sybase has to commit to Microsoft developed technologies. And if there's anything constant about Microsoft, it's that they keep switching out technologies.
PBDJ article, by Bruce Armstrong

Many companies already know that Enable Enterprise is a cost-effective way to extend the international reach of their software. By using Enable, developers can upgrade a monolingual PowerBuilder program in a matter of hours with just a few changes to the original code.

New version 3.0 includes a brand new C++ engine that boosts performance, support for Appeon and PB.NET, support for user-defined translations, translation of datawindow buffers, and many new APIs for improving performance and flexibility. Our benchmarks report performance boost of translation algorithms between 2x and 200x!

Learn more about Enable and get a trial version to see for yourself how easy it is to make your applications multilingual.

The need for training and skills development has never been higher than it is right now and technical staff at all levels realizes that if they want to earn more, then the best way to do so is to learn more. eLear-nIT Training's latest web-based training courses for Sybase professionals everywhere offers a wealth of resources that are fine tuned for the exact needs of contemporary working environments.

Discovery about the relationship between refactoring and a healthy life style
When I first accepted the assignment to write a tutorial about refactoring code, I was sure that refactoring was something that developers did when ?extreme' requirements hit their application. [...] After all, the focus of the assignment was migration to PowerBuilder 12. I perceived refactoring as a bitter pill (radical procedure) that a team had to swallow (perform) when code got too old to stay in its existing form and needed a lobotomy to survive.
PBDJ blog article, by Yakov Werde

A simple right-click in the navigation bar allows the addition of macro extensions. You can choose the macro(s) that you need and thus personalize the Visual Expert graphical interface, without cluttering it up with macros you don't regularly use. The extensions Code Statistics, Check Date Functions and Windows 7 are already released. This list will continue to be extended.

You now have the possibility to organize Visual Expert to get statistical data about PowerBuilder code, list PowerBuilder scripts that use a data manipulation function, or check the compatibility of your system functions and libraries with Windows 7. Read more...

The user interface has been redeveloped to include a new navigation bar, new source code view with tooltips, and over 100 new macros to explore and clean up your code. Try it yourself!

Code Analysis

Explore & Understand complex code Evaluate the impact of a change. Improve PB and Database Code.

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Visual Guard

Application Security

Control Access to Sensitive Data.
Monitor Audit application Security.
Send notifications on suspicious events.

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AscentialTest Automated Software Testing

Automated Testing

The ONLY testing tool fully supporting
PowerBuilder Datawindows and Objects.

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