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Software Tool & Die Inc (STD) are please to announce the release of their new Web Service STD Foundation Classes for .Net/IIS (STD FC WS).

The updated Web Service framework is solely targeted to helping Appeon PowerBuilder developers, develop .Net based Web Services deployed to MS-IIS application servers.

The Web Service based framework takes advantage of RAD techniques - employs an MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture for superior performance, flexibility and extend-ability.

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What is new in Visual Guard 2018?

This Visual Guard major version particularly focus on ever demanding legal requirements (GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, ISO...).

A new feature set has been developed to monitor and review sensitive operations performed inside the application, send alerts when certain activities are detected and audit security. 

VG 2018 also includes improvements to extend the VG data model and make it more flexible: relationships between roles and groups have been improved, and it is now possible to grant permissions directly inside a role (without using permission sets).

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Code Analysis

Explore & Understand complex code Evaluate the impact of a change. Improve PB and Database Code.

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Visual Guard

Application Security

Control Access to Sensitive Data.
Monitor Audit application Security.
Send notifications on suspicious events.

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AscentialTest Automated Software Testing

Automated Testing

The ONLY testing tool fully supporting
PowerBuilder Datawindows and Objects.

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